Who we are

We are a service company for cell simulation and its software A-Cell.

There has been a steady increase in the number of simulation studies in cell biology, and at the same time, attempts to apply simulation studies to drug discovery are emerging. However, there still exist questions and uncertainties when trying to introduce simulation studies to wet experiments. We support researches both in private company and in educational and research institutes by our long-term experience in cell simulation, especially 4D cell simulation.

Cell simulation is simple in concept, but it is different in result from what we obtain by simple pathway simulation (“A-Cell” page for an example). Cell simulation is 4D spatio-temporal simulation considering a cell as a spatio-temporal entity. Our cell simulation software A-Cell offers a simple way of 4D spatio-temporal simulation. This leads to a finding of novel druggable target that is neither discovered readily by wet experiments nor by simple pathway simulation. In addition, 4D cell simulation is a powerful tool for elucidation of cellular functions and mechanisms behind the phenomena. Our expertise in 4D cell simulation and A-Cell software are novel tools for pharmaceutical industry as well as universities and institutes of basic research.

Company name

The company name ”True Cell Simulations” might raise some contradictory impression.The ultimate simulation can reproduce all cellular phenomena with definite mechanisms behind them. Such simulation can be called ”true cell simulation”. Our company name “True Cell Simulations” expresses our resolution to realize this.

Address: 3-31-4-410 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku,Tokyo 151-0053 Japan

President and CEO: Kazuhisa Ichikawa, PhD.



Researcher, Laboratory, IBM Japan

Principal Researcher, Corporate Research Center, Fuji Xerox Co. Ltd.

Institute Manager,Brain Information and Science Institute, Corporate Research Center, Fuji Xerox Co.Ltd.

Professor, Kanazawa Institute of Technology

Professor, Osaka University

Professor, Division of Mathematical Oncology, The Institute of Medical Science, The University of Tokyo

President and CEO, True Cell Simulations Inc.