We offer cell/tissue modeling/simulation software A-Cell and consultation.

Modeling and simulation of cell/tissue give us enriched and efficient R&D leading to its new stage as was true in aircraft and electronic circuits design, and weather forecasting. Biochemical based models are building blocks for the digital twin of cell/tissue.


Cell/tissue simulations can answer “Why?”, and give enriched and efficient R&D.

All parameters can be changed in cell/tissue simulations, which is a big advantage that is not realized by present wet experiments. This simple advantage can answer “Why?” of cells/tissues, and also accelerate and enrich R&D activities with reduced efforts/costs. One good example is a modification of a target enzyme. In wet experiments, researchers select a suitable inhibitor and somehow define its concentration. But in simulations, researchers realize the same effect by changing a parameter value (e.g. concentration). Thus R&D activities are greatly accelerated leading to an enriched perspective.

More importantly, simulations can predict unexpected and/or most-effective drug target. It is hard to predict what is happening when one protein is inhibited, because spatio-temporal protein-protein interactions are quite complicated, complex and non-linear. Simulations can solve this problem by changing every parameter, which is an easy task in simulations. Researchers can extract novel drug target from these simulation results.

We started our simulation research as early as 1980s. A-Cell is a standalone cell/tissue simulation software originally developed for our own research. You can go through from pathway drawing to running simulations by GUI-based operations. A-Cell generates simulation programs directly from drawn pathways without typing differential equations. C++ simulation program is automatically compiled and starts running. A-Cell is the most suitable simulation software both for experimental and theoretical R&D. We offer our modeling/simulation experience and know-how for your efficient R&D.