What is A-Cell?

A-Cell is a modeling/simulation software for cells and tissues, enabling simulation R&D quicker by several orders of magnitude.

Biochemical reactions are the basis for cellular and tissue mechanisms. Expressions by biochemical reactions are easily understood by humans, and are directly transformed to differential equations. Thus, pathway modeling by biochemical reactions is the most suitable for simulation R&D.

Users construct a pathway model by a set of biochemical reactions on A-Cell. A-Cell generates a simulation program (c++) directly from the pathway model via automatically generated differential equations. A generated simulation program is automatically compiled and a simulation starts. Thus, A-Cell user is not asked for mathematical and computational skills. Simulation results, which retain time-evolved behavior of cellular/tissue species, are shown graphically on an A-Cell screen. Thus, A-Cell reduces time and effort required for simulation R&D by several orders of magnitude (below). This is a great advantage both for theoretical and experimental R&D. A sample of modeling and simulation by A-Cell is shown on YouTube.


User can construct structured pathway models in A-Cell. This is an A-Cell-original feature, in which related biochemical reactions are connected together and grouped. This is of great help for researchers enabling easy understandings.

A-Cell enables model construction and simulation in 3D space.

Biochemical reactions proceed in a complex and complicated 3D structures with organelles. This could give different simulation results to simple pathway simulations. A-Cell has a capability of constructing spatio-temporal cellular/tissue models. Time-evolved spatio-temporal simulation results are shown by 3D movies on A-Cell screen. This 3D capability helps TDD (Trans-dermal Drug Delivery) R&D and more. A-Cell also generates simulation program and runs simulation for 3D models automatically.

R&D area for A-Cell

Drug Discovery, Food Development, Cosmetics Development, Cell Analysis, and more.