A research paper on cell biology by using simulation was published as early as 1961. Since then, computer simulation has been recognized as a tool for cell biology, but the community was small. Since 2005, however, there has been an explosive increase in the number of papers, and more than 7,000 papers are published a year in 2023. In addition, many papers are being published in collaboration with wet experiments.

However, there still exist questions and uncertainties when you try to introduce or collaborate with simulation study. The most fundamental question is what we can get by cell simulation that cannot be gotten by wet experiments. To answer these questions, we have been conducting cell simulation studies for 40 years showing that cell simulation is a powerful tool to make predictions. Thus, we can reach a conclusion that is not reached readily by wet experiments.

To acquire this advantage by cell simulation in your wet experiments, we support researches both in private company and in educational and research institutes by our long-term experience and simulation software A-Cell.

Research topics we have experienced to date

Cancer, Neural transmission, Brain, Photoreception, Cell Stress, Immunity,

Transcription Factor/Gene expression, Metabolism, Bone Regeneration

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