A-Cell Simulation Service

Service overview

We provide a service of A-Cell simulation for basic research and drug discovery both in academia and in pharmaceutical companies. We construct an A-Cell model according to your research, run simulations, and compare them with your experimental results. Simulation results are returned together with an A-Cell model. This enables you for further investigation by running simulations with modified model and/or parameter values. Thus, you can make in silico confirmation of your experimental results, and know potential problems in early stages of drug discovery. This can be an NDA-based service on request.

Information you provide

1) Purpose (To validate …….; To make a forecast on …….; Or any others.)

2) Pathway diagram (detailed, abstracted, or none)

3) Brief description of experiments and available data type (image, stimulus-response, time courses, electrophoresis, and etc.)

Results we provide

1) Simulation results

2) Comparison between your experimental and our simulation results

3) A-Cell model file

Request this service

Send us an email from the following form. “Purpose” and “Description of experiments and available data” can be brief descriptions.

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