A-Cell functions by editions

Four editions including free edition are available at present. All editions are downloadable from our homepage. Differences between each edition are summarized below:

Free edition:  User can use free edition by free after a simple user registration. Pathway models are constructed and simulated, but a single page model is allowed and is not saved. 4D simulation is not available in this edition.

Entry edition:  Constructed models can be saved. Multiple page model and 4D simulation are not available in this edition. This edition is mainly for students. (US $100)

Basic edition:  All functions except 4D modeling and simulation are available. (US $500)

Standard edition:  All functions are available including 4D simulation. (US $800)

Parallel edition:  OpenMP parallelization-compliant simulation program for 4D simulation can be generated automatically. Almost all recent PCs load multi-core CPU on board, and simulations will be much faster by parallelization. This edition will be available.

 A-Cell functions by editions